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LATISSE Eyelash Enhancement

LATISSE Eyelash Enhancement

LATISSE is the first FDA-approved prescription treatment for eyelashes aimed at growing eyelashes in order to improve their appearance. Latisse has been found to be highly effective at achieving this, facilitating darker, longer, and fuller lashes.

Dr. Caglia has also used this product “off lable” to treat patients that have lost or have thinning eyebrow hair successfully.

How does LATISSE work?

This drug works by lengthening the duration of your eyelashes’ growth phase, resulting in a greater quantity of longer lashes. It also appears to enhance melanogenisis which darkens the pigmentation of the lashes, making them more noticeable.

How do I receive LATISSE treatments?

Using LATISSE is as easy as it is convenient!Patients apply the product to their lashes themselves once-a-day by following by using a small brush to the lid edges before bed. Please note that the results do come gradually, and generally the lash appears darker first then length. Patients usually notice improvements within 4-6 weeks of consistent application.

Can I use LATISSE in place of my mascara?

No, although mascara is great to use in combination with LATISSE for optimal results!

What will happen to my eyelashes if I stop using LATISSE?

The effects of LATISSE are not permanent, so the lashes will return to their normal appearance after a few months after application has stopped.

What are the possible side effects of LATISSE?

Occasionally patients have reported minor irritation and itchiness to their eyes. This is why it is best to be used at night before bed. Other side effects that are less common include eye dryness, slight skin darkening and redness of the eyelid where LATISSE has been applied.

Could LATISSE cause the color of my eyes to change?

Since this drug is applied to the eyelid and not directly to the eye, LATISSE is not known to cause changes to the color of the iris. Patients using LATISSE have not reported any iris pigment changes. The reports of color change are from direct installation of drops in the eye as used to treat glaucoma. This is where patients discovered that their eyelashes were longer and darker while treating their disease.

Is LATISSE safe?

LATISSE™ is approved by the FDA and therefore determined to be safe and effective if used correctly as instructed for its intended purpose.

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